Conversational AI 
for your CRM
AI-powered virtual agent built on a state-of-the-art natural language understanding engine and embedded within your familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Eco-System.


POWER Automate Chatbot
Experience the unique no-code fulfilment model. Build in Power Platform. Automate with Flow!

x5 faster

Deliver enterprise ready conversational AI 5 times faster than with any other Chatbot Platform.


We are committed to help you visualise success with our unique prototype offering.

Intelligent virtual agent at your service

Disappointed with chatbots you've seen so far? So are we! This is why we decided to build the ultimate Conversational AI platform, that excels at making your customers do business with you in the fastest, easiest and simplest possible way, on a platform of their choosing.

What is more, all of that power is available at your fingertips from your familiar Power Platform interface. No new systems to master, no need for expensive integration, no hassle updating a separate database. See how CRM Bot can help you make your business conversational.


"Don't call me another chatbot"

Humans are tired of AI that doesn't listen, doesn't care and doesn't understand. Change all that by utilising the latest advancements in Natural Language Understanding, infused with limitless power of AI and familiarity of Microsoft Business Software eco-system.

Internal & External

Meet your Customers where they are. Engage with them over channels of their choice, like website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or even voice. Use CRM Bot to deploy powerful virtual agents that enhance Customer Experience from day one. Promote your business, support your Clients and prepare personalized offers all while maximizing automation and relieving your Employees.

Enhance your Employee Experience by providing your Staff with conversational AI solutions to help with their day-to-day activities and boost their performance. Deploy an intelligent virtual agent to the internal channels like Microsoft Teams or Slack to conversationally automate hundreds of HR Use Cases or help out your office and field workers to access business data on customers, projects, accounts and more.

Power of Conversational AI straight from your CRM/D365 system

  • Design, build and deploy without leaving your CRM
    Use your familiar Microsoft UI's to build powerful conversational virtual agents and deploy them straight from Dynamics365 & PowerAutomate
  • As close to the business as it gets
    All CRM Bot virtual agents are powered by company data without you having to worry about integrations.
  • Intelligent and self-learning
    World’s most advanced conversational AI technology combined with the power of Azure to access AI-enabled solutions, machine learning and more.
  • Conversational AI to serve your customers
    Utilise over 300 connectors to make your CRM Bot even more useful for your Customers. Embed your business where your Customers are.
Ready to experience the future of Conversational AI?
7 day FREE PoC Virtual Agent. Delivered to your exact specification, on the platform of your choosing.
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