Complete, enterprise conversational AI solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform.

Conversational AI in Dynamics 365

Benefit from the world’s most advanced conversational AI technology straight from your MS Dynamics 365 & Power Platform to automate customer service, boost sales and augment support teams.


No-code builder within your familiar UI

Build, design and deploy powerful conversational AI applications straight from your Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. Add advanced features and APIs without any need  for coding or learning any new platforms. Use the skills already existing within your organization to build valuable chatbots and voicebots.


Integrated by design

Virtual agents are powered by data. With CRM Bot you don’t have to worry about CRM integration - it is all taken care of from day one. Additionally you can easily and quickly integrate with 3rd party applications using Power Automate.


Enterprise ready

WIth the infrastructure that has been tested for large scale, GDPR compliance, enterprise-grade security and uptime, CRM Bot is a safe choice for your company. Master every automated customer interaction like never before.


User context

CRM Bot’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform makes virtual agents that much more intelligent from day one. Use the chatbot’s user-context understanding to predict clients’ intents, understand their needs and prepare personalized offers.


Text & Voice

Build powerful conversational AI applications and deploy them to any channel of your choice. Whether you want to reach out to  your Customers via webchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, email, communicate with your Employees via Microsoft Teams or Slack or maybe introduce some innovation via voice channels - CRM Bot has got you covered.


Turn data into insights

There is a lot to take out from conversational data. CRM Bot’s advanced analytics will capture valuable insights from the conversations that your Customers and Employees are having with your company. Use those to further succeed with automation and to improve Customer satisfaction.

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