Conversational AI
at your fingertips
Benefit from world class Conversational AI technology that has great potential to improve Customer & Employee experience at each point of interaction with your Company.

What makes it intelligent?

Automate your internal and external processes and seamlessly implement innovative solutions
that make your Customers happy while cutting your operating costs.

Advanced NLP

World's most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine

User context

Virtual Agents that understand who they are talking with and actively look for problems to solve

Self learning

Best in class conversational AI algorithms that make more Virtual Agents intelligent as they go

Unlimited usecases

Your Virtual Agent may effectively help with hundreds of Use Cases on multiple channels in many languages

Boost User Experience

1. Be where your Customers are

Make your Customers happy and boost their experience by being where they already are. Interacting with a company should happen seamlessly; no one likes getting used to yet another portal, with a new UI, new user names, passwords, etc.

2. Understand & converse your way

World's best in class NLP (Natural Language Processing) engines implemented in CRM Bot make it possible for our Virtual Agents to fully understand context of any conversation, communicate in multiple languages (both in voice and test) and provide value to Customers and Employees.

3. Keep it secret, keep it safe

Security is of the highest priority for us at CRM Bot. And because of that our platform is built on secure Microsoft Cloud following state of the art security practices. Our early infrastructure and architecture decisions made it possible for CRM Bot to be implemented in financial institutions, public sector & healthcare.

4. Analyze & adapt

Data is power and with conversational AI your business get access to tons of it. CRM Bot gathers and provides context for the available data so that you can act on actionable insights, learn and adapt.

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  • Bookings
  • Notifications
  • Post-visit notes, recommendations
  • Follow-ups

Retail & e-commerce

  • Browse products & create orders
  • Manage & track orders
  • Targeted campaigns through proactive messages
  • Notifications, returns, Q&A

Travel & hospitality

  • Bookings and purchasing
  • Quick access to orders & documents
  • Proactive, targeted campaigns
  • QnA & notifications

Banking & finance

  • Send money
  • Check balances
  • Order new accounts & credit cards
  • Faster Customer Service


  • Enhanced Customer Support
  • Selling customised products
  • Personalised Advice and Cross-Selling
  • QnA and notifications


  • Answer Questions And Inquiries
  • Report cases 24h
  • Applications (e.x. license renewal)
  • Collecting feedback from citizens

Internal usecases

  • Knowledge repository
  • Support in-field workers
  • Case building
  • Documents access and HR automation


  • Applications for studies
  • Supporting teachers & students
  • QnA & notifications
  • Supporting/onboarding new students

Talk with Customers around the world in any language.


Let your virtual agent securely automate tasks on behalf of your customers.

Proactive messages

Proactively engage customers to drive revenue through direct messaging.

Media messaging

Seamlessly mix text, video, audio & image responses as well as build your own Adaptive Cards.


Drastically improve performance by using the (optional) cache database.

Sentiment analysis

Identify the prevailing subjective opinion to determine user's attitude & emotion.

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